Novin Development Corp. currently owns and manages 170 apartment units and 76,500 square feet of commercial including 23,000 square feet of mixed- use retail from San Francisco to Santa Cruz. NDC is a long-term property owner with a 100% equity ownership stake in our current portfolio. This investment strategy has helped NDC create a strong balance sheet with very low leverage and strong cash-flow.

Building on our existing portfolio of investments, NDC seeks to develop new urban infill and multifamily transit-oriented development properties ourselves or in Joint Venture partnership with property owners and other qualified development partners. Leveraging our own capital and our network of lenders and investors, NDC is actively acquiring vacant or underutilized land and existing value add multifamily properties in the Bay Area with the goal of preserving and creating exemplar socially responsible developments that are sensitive to local community needs while maximizing returns to our investors. We target urban areas, mixed-income projects and transit oriented developments in line with our double bottom line commitment to risk adjusted returns and social/environmental sustainability.  Our minimum new construction project size is 40 units. For more information on our development properties, please click here.

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How We Can Work Together


Whether serving as advisers or developing the actual real estate, our mission is to create the best possible communities and developments, while making a profit. If you have property, we can work with you in the following ways:



We purchase your land or properties from you, easing your burden. This is a win-win since you get money right away and we get the property we want to develop. Our process of due diligence is straight forward, allowing us to present realistic offers.

Joint Venture

You supply the land at no upfront cost and we work with all the parties involved, including the local government, neighboring landowners and communities. We handle the construction, marketing and sale/lease of the finished product. Once finished, we split the profits—you end up with residual income and we don’t pay for the land.

Buy Out

You contribute the land at the outset, we handle the costs and development. Then we purchase the property once the project has been entitled. This is a win-win because you wind up with a greater return on your investment since the entitled property is worth so much more and we don’t have to pay for both simultaneously.

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